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“To secure for your fame, credit as well as blessings, the help that you give to men in need, should possess the following attributes: whatever its extent, it should be considered by you as trifling so that it may be granted a high status; it should be given secretly, Allah will manifest it; and it must be given immediately so that it becomes pleasant” – Hazrat Ali


Our senior  citizens are the pillars in our communities because they’re filled with wisdom and valuable life skills which we can use to our benefit. It’s important to acknowledge our senior citizens and the contribution that they’re making to our society.

We, Old Age Care Trust are proud to be playing a leading role in implementing integrated services for the care, support and protection of older persons.

Services for our senior citizens

Old Age Care Trust want to ensure the well being of everyone, including older people. As part of our commitment to best serve and protect our senior citizens, we offer the following key services:

The purpose of home-community based care is to: 

Maintain the health and well-being of the elderly,

Prevent them from getting sick,

Help them care for minor health problems and long-term conditions, and

make sure they recover from illnesses and hospitalization.

Accommodation for older people
Looking for a home is never an easy process especially if it’s for an elderly person who needs a lot of care and love. It’s important that you find an option that will suit your needs.

Assisted living
Assisted living is the provisioning of affordable, safe and accessible accommodation, with access to support services for active older persons who are independent, with or without assistive devices and who need some form of supervision and assistance regarding their activities of daily living.

Independent living
Independent living is the provisioning of  safe and accessible accommodation to active older persons, who are fully independent, with or without assistive devices and who don’t need assistance regarding their activities of daily living.

Service centers for older persons
Service Centers for Older Persons are community-based care and support services  where they’re engaged in a range of activities and services such as exercises, recreational activities, cultural and spiritual activities, awareness campaigns, educational and skills activities as well as lunches.

Specialized organisations
Old Age care Trust is non-profit organisations (NPO’s) that are delivering services of a specialized nature to older persons, which are Free of Cost like 

1: Quality meals

2: Health club

3: Centralized cooling and heating accommodation

4: Internet access in all rooms

5: Weekend activities

6: Monthly/ quarterly outdoor activity.

7: Medical and  test facilities.(Dispensary)

8: Mini Zoo

9: Green walking track

10: Mosque

11: Library

You can show that you care:

By visiting and spending time with them, or

by giving your time and becoming a volunteer with us,  

Our commitment is to provide best atmosphere where people can enjoy without paying any cost. 

Our aim is to giving them full support / care to homeless old age people in free of cost.  

You can be a part of our team through building material, medical equipment, by books, Dresses , food , by funding (Zakat/Fitrah/Donations) etc.